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Eggshell membrane hydrolyzates activate NF-κB in vitro: possible implications for in vivo efficacy

Kevin J Ruff1 Paul L Durham2 A ustin O’Reilly2 F Daniel Long1

"Purpose: Eggshell membrane (ESM) has been shown to contain naturally occurring bioactive components, and biological activities such as reducing proinflammatory cytokines, liver fibrosis, and joint pain in osteoarthritis sufferers have also been reported for ESM matrix as a whole. Nuclear factor kappa-light-chain-enhancer of activated B-cells (NF-κB) is a signaling protein found in the cytoplasm of nearly all human and animal cell types and is a primary regulator of immune function. The studies reported herein were designed to investigate the possible role that NF-κB activity might play in the reported biological activities of ESM."

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